Our Team

Cheryl Julcher

Co-Founder, CEO, Managing Broker-  Yellow Brick Properties
Cheryl has over 22 years of experience in the real estate industry with a focus on new construction.  An increasing disenchantment with the quality of new homes being built and concern about the lack of understanding in the public sector lead Cheryl to co-found Yellow Brick Properties, “A Better Way To Home”.  As managing broker of Yellow Brick Properties’ real estate division Cheryl facilitates land acquisitions of both in-fill lots and larger tracts for Zoetic Home™ and ‘green’ home development. She provides consulting services and market analytics to investors and builders.  She educates and guides homebuyers on the value, both personally and globally, of building and living in healthy homes.

Eric Somberg

Co-Founder, COO-  Yellow Brick Properties
Eric has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, with a focus on structural stability and water infiltration.  Frustration with poor quality barely-legal code built homes, advances in building sciences, and his personal passion to “do it the right way” culminated in co-founding Yellow Brick Properties, “A Better Way To Home”.  Eric guides clients in all aspects of the construction process (remodeling and new construction) including matching homeowners to a builder whose project’s have been third party verified for quality, he assists in design and conceptual drawings, and educates clients on the science of evidence based building practices.

Dan Razowsky

Dan has 5 years of real estate experience with a focus on development.  Dan’s involvement with the United States Green Building Council and the Passive House Alliance’s Chicago Chapter opened his eyes to the impact that healthy, safe, comfortable, smart homes can have on the people who live in them and on the planet.  Dan assists in facilitating the construction of healthy homes and works with his clients to understand the full meaning, experience, and lifestyle of Zoetic Homes™.

  • Flip and Tear Down Specialist 100%
  • Real Estate Investor Specialist 100%
  • Zoetic Home Sale Specialist 100%
  • Green Home Sales Specialist 100%

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