Zoetic Models


It is said that the only certainty in life is change. So why would you live in a house that is not changeable?  A Zoetic Home™ takes change into account with design elements that add flexibility to our floor plans. 

Zoetic Homes™ adapt with your lifestyle changes.



Today’s environment is causing the sickening of America. The materials going into our homes are causing illness. Home is a sanctuary and should be a place that is as healthy as possible.

Zoetic Homes™ are built for health with no/low VOC materials and fresh air filtration systems.



Drive around and it won’t take you long to find dilapidated homes. Many of these homes were built in the 50s and 60s, they are not that old! Inferior materials and building techniques are causing these homes to literally rot.

Zoetic Homes™ are being built to last! So when you pay off the 30 year mortgage you will still have a young home to enjoy for generations.

Zoetic Homes™ Standard Features

  • Air-Sealed Thermal Envelope

  • High Indoor Air Quality

  • 50-100% More Energy Efficient

  • Third-Party Quality Control Verified

  • Built to Last

  • Mold Resistant

  • Indoor Sound Reduction

  • Adaptable Floor Plans

  • Certified Performance

  • Zoetic Fact Label™ Included

Zoetic Homes™ Standard Benefits

  • No Drafts, Pest Entrance Barrier, Energy Efficient

  • Reduces Allergies, Healthier, Low/No Chemical Emissions

  • Comfortable, Saves Money

  • Checked for Quality During Construction

  • Have a Beautiful Home for Generations

  • A Sealed Home Resists Mold, Rot, Pests

  • Enjoy Quiet Indoors, Mute Barking Dogs, Airplanes, Traffic Noises

  • Flex Spaces can go From Office to Playroom to In-Law Suite

  • Tested to Certify Design Matches Actual Performance

  • Our “Nutrition Label” Records Test Results and Quality of Your Home.  Use it as Proof of Quality to Future Homebuyers, Helps Protect a Higher Property Value