Yellow Brick Properties

is the first real estate company…


that places Health and Sustainability into the center of its real estate practice.



that has dedicated, knowledgeable and trained agents in the real estate transaction and home performance. 



that understands, explains, and educates its clients in what “Green” means in the context of real estate.
















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For Sale Homes are Blue & Sold Homes are Green

This represents only homes in the MLS of which YBP is a member.  We update every 30 days, for the

most up-to-date information, give us a call. We define ‘Green’ as those homes having a third party certification or possessing green features such as solar or geothermal.

"A Better Way To Home."

Yellow Brick Properties

is out in front…


Codes are changing


Energy bill disclosures are here


Buyers want healthy homes


Solar panel prices have plummeted


Understand your position in a new market












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Yellow Brick Properties

are experts in…


High performance buildings


Providing client advocacy and education


Marketing existing homes to today’s buyers


Market analysis and explaination




Property and land evaluation


In Partnership With


Yellow Brick Properties


Thinking of buying or selling an eco-friendly, sustainable, or healthy home, give us a call!





















"A Better Way To Home."

  • We find land, on and off-market.
  • We perform healthy home evaluations on existing homes.

  • We connect clients to quality architects and builders.

  • We educate and inform clients throughout the real estate transaction and build process.

  • We find existing homes that match your criteria and help you make them healthier and more energy efficient.
  • We answer questions like:  Should we move, remodel, or add-on?

  • We provide initial conceptual design and planning services.

  • We assist you in keeping your projects within the proper market value by providing market analytics and neighborhood information.

  • We help you compare the cost of moving vs remodel.

  • We refer quality architects, builders interior designers, energy raters, building biologists, and others. We have a team ready to help. 


  • We provide guidance and advocacy during the design+build process.
  • We inform our clients about potential extra fees: impact, demo tax, etc.

  • We assist you in keeping your projects within the proper market value.

  • We educate clients on building a healthy, safe, comfortable and smart home.